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Eta Xi Chapter of Sigma Nu International Fraternity


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Whether you're sure you want to Rush a fraternity or just looking for some new people to meet, come hang out with the Brothers of Sigma Nu.  Everyone is welcome.

Anybody wishing to learn more about Rush should contact our Rush Chairmen:
Jansen Seach:  (870) 304-7143
Jacob Reyes:  (501) 514-4110
Reuben Waldron: (501) 690-5569
Feel free to leave a message with any of these gentlemen by giving your name, phone number, and a good time to get in touch with you.
We're not looking to bother anybody by calling you over-and-over again, or by continually harassing you about pledging a fraternity.   We will gladly answer any questions you might have, and if you just want to find out about how to get more involved on campus or make some new friends, then give us a call.
The phone number to the Sigma Nu house is (501) 663-9967


Another way to get in contact with Sigma Nu is to e-mail us by writing to
Please include your full name and your phone number (if you want to) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.