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Eta Xi Chapter of Sigma Nu International Fraternity


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Alumni, keep looking here for all updates.

Make sure to keep us updated with all of your current contact information.  E-mail your info to

We are currently working with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to raise money and awareness for this terrible disease.  We would love for all Alumni to participate in this great cause.  For more info e-mail us or contact Spencer Peek.

We are currently looking for an Alumni to co-chair with our Brotherhood chair to organize a "Brotherhood Olympics."  Interested?  Contact Josh Park or drop a line at the chapter e-mail address.

Currently we are participating in Continuous Open Bidding (COB) for Recruitment.  This is something that our chapter is not to familiar with.  If you have any ideas or suggestions that may help contact ANYONE about this or come to chapter.

Any photos that you guys would like to volunteer for submission to this site would be greatly appreciated.  Currently, all photos have been taken down and the photo albums are under construction.  If you want to submit some photos contact Jacob Reyes or bring them to chapter.

Don't forget to come to chapter. 
That is the best way to be informed.